Brian si diverte in Italia…

30 09 2008
**Mon 29 Sep 08**

Ok … maybe there’s a danger of my overdoing this … BUT ….

… spending those few lovely sunlit days in Italy, once again, I am reminded of those feelings of admiration for the Italian Way of Life. In London, on an average weekday, I see people rushing about, looking pinched and pale, and being bad-tempered with each other … sitting in restaurants with mobile phones clamped to their ears, being too preoccupied to ‘be present’. In Rome, I wandered around seeing couples hand in hand, laughing and looking around them in the colourful bustling streets, interacting, sitting in restaurants relaxed and eye to eye with whoever they were with, enjoying the ‘Now’ – and the Italain ‘now’ is so warm and rich in humour and love and life. As an English person, I cannot help feeing we have a lot to learn. Looking out over the skyline of Rome …. I suddenly realised … they have managed to make a fully functional 21st Century city, with no high-rises, no ugly modern developments, and without the awful ugly blanket of advertising billboards which is strangling London and so many other cities. The Italians value their way of life, their trees, their streets, their History … they surround themselves with beauty. The Italians get most of it right … eating, drinking, living, loving, and ….. yes, rockin’ to the max! I honestly never heard such a two and a half hour roar, in my life, as in Milan, in our show … a joyful noise changing shape every second, as the dynamic between us and the gathered folks evolved. They MADE us rock harder !!

OK. I’ll stop now. But … hats off to Italia !


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che dire… pare che si sia divertito èiù lui di quelli che sono andati a vederlo…peccato che non sia potuto andare…ma stando a quello che dice qui torneranno…

OK … next time we’ll just do a tour of Italy! OK?! ha ha!

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