21 09 2007

non so se sia vero o no ma questa foto è semplicemente meravigliosa…
più tardi Brian May ha risposto così:

Well, in my humble opinion, it’s a fake … a montage. But a nice one. Why do I say this?

If that’s the Sun, that blob below the crescent moon, it’s much too small … and much too dim. The Sun and the Moon have almost exactly the same apparent size in the sky, which is why total Eclipses of the Sun work so well !

And the intensity of the Sun is about 100 million times that of even the brightest full moon, so I doubt if it would ever be possible to capture them in the same shot.

It’s quite hard to catch the Moon as thin in its New phase as this … it’s never seen in a dark sky. But I think someone has at least made a good job of this.

Finally, there is no real sunset at the North Pole! The Sun is either up all day, for 6 months of the year, or gone, for the other 6 months. Of course it would be seen close to the horizon for a long time. But this isn’t exactly what you’d call a sunset.






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